Media Release: Western College Alesco will be closing

After four years of providing alternative educational pathways for Dubbo High School students, experimental education provider Western College Alesco Learning Centre will close its doors.

Established in 2014 In response to an identified need for tailored learning, the Board of Studies accredited school has been a unique offering in the city’s educational landscape. Alesco’s innovative approach to education has assisted more than 335 students to achieve learning outcomes that might otherwise have been beyond their reach.

Board chairman of the community-based not-for-profit Western College, Rod Crowfoot, said fewer than expected enrolments for the coming year have led to the decision to close the school. “While we are disappointed, we are proud that since it opened its doors, the school has empowered so many young people to take control of their education. Alesco has allowed these students to actually engage with learning and complete extra years of schooling in a supportive and individualised environment,” Mr Crowfoot said. “The centre has helped to reinforce the growing acknowledgement that not all students are the same – every student has a different learning style and sometimes conventional pathways do not provide the most effective learning outcomes.”

In the lead-up to the closure, Western College will be working with other education providers to transition Alesco’s students into mainstream schooling to enable the completion of their Years 9-10 studies.

Mr Crowfoot said the dedication and expertise of the Alesco Learning Centre teachers was highly valued and that their commitment to their students and to education has been second to none. The school’s staff has been absorbed into Western College operations where possible, with the college providing support and assistance to others to re-employ elsewhere in the educational environment. While disappointed, Mr Crowfoot stressed that the core business of Western College would continue and grow. “Western College has an important role to play in the regional community and will continue to offer support for self-improvement and life-long learning outcomes across many different areas of study and interest.”

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